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What is Microsoft Intune?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Microsoft Intune is a cloud managed Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management software/application. It's an SAAS offering from Microsoft and is available via Azure cloud.

So basically what you get with Intune?

Traditionally you have Active Directory in the organization to centrally manage the computers, users and groups. Now with more mobility in force due to WFH culture, more and more organizations are trying to be flexible with their employees. with traditional architecture Active Directory servers in Office, laptops needs to be connected to the organization's network to get updated policies, User authentication related issues are a big challenge with that process.

Having said the above the next major challenge is BYOD. Employees not only using their office laptops but personal laptops and Mobile phones also. As we don't have any control over these two type of devices the organization's data is at stake by allowing these devices.

To Solve these problems, Microsoft Cloud offering Intune solves the problem with Cloud Controlled active directory and advanced functionality.

Possibilities with Intune:

Leveraging Azure AD or Hybrid-AD to work with Intune

Join computers to Intune

Auto provision Azure AD joined computers to Intune

Automatically push applications to computers

Maintain the inventory of the computers, patching status, Hardware and software information at machine level.

Remotely push Scripts, Apps, Settings, Security policies without any VPN and that works from anywhere in the world.

Set custom policies based on the platform, user, machine, location, etc.

Protect sensitive information from being copied over to personal applications or cloud.

And there's much more.

Cloud Armor has experts that are working on Intune since a few years, got beaten up with many issues during the course and evolved as leaders in Intune deployment. Schedule a call with us if you would like to know more.!

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