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DataCenter Solutions

CloudArmor to ensure that your data center’s infrastructure meets your specific requirements.


DataCenter Solutions

In the realm of data center management, diverse priorities abound, spanning from the imperative of consolidation and stringent cost control to the demand for swift deployment and the unwavering pursuit of zero downtime. With CloudArmor as your steadfast ally, rest assured that your data center's infrastructure will not only align with but impeccably meet your unique and specific requirements.

Our Datacenter Solution Offering is a testament to our commitment to crafting an agile and future-ready infrastructure, characterized by its adaptability and comprised of flexible components such as compute, networking, storage, and software. This bespoke solution is meticulously tailored to your services, offering not only immediate utility but also the seamless potential for expansion over time. From servers and communication gear to storage equipment and operating systems, our comprehensive approach encompasses every facet of your data center's needs.

Entrust your data center integration to our seasoned and adept Integration team, whose wealth of experience and expertise ensures a meticulous plan that brings together these diverse components. Their proficiency extends to not only configuration but also the ongoing maintenance that is indispensable for ensuring optimal efficiency and effectiveness in the dynamic landscape of data center operations.





Be it Data Intensive requirement or Business Process Applications, choosing the right servers that is capable of addressing the current workloads and scalable to future needs is a challenge. We at CloudArmor can offer consultancy services to provide the latest technology servers that suits your requirements. Being Partners for Dell, Lenovo and IBM, we can offer wide range of Desktop, Rack Mounted and Blade Servers that fits your requirement.

Storage planning and implementation is crucial part in any datacenter. Choosing the right storage (SAN or NAS) with the correct capacities, type of Hard Drives (SATA, SAS or SSD) and connectivity (Copper, SFP or DirectAttach) and the methodology takes lot of research and expertise. Partnering with the leading Storage Manufacturers like Dell, EMC, IBM, Lenovo, NetGear, QNAP CloudArmor offers the right solution that suits your requirement.

Communication and Connectivity makes the backbone for any Datacenter. Team CloudArmor can plan and provide the proper connectivity to all the devices in the Datacenter and make them work in tandem to provide the best performance. By integrating Manageable and Unmanageable Switches of Brocade, Cisco, NetGear and DLink, CloudArmor can implement the most complex connectivity solutions needed for smooth functioning of the Datacenter.

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