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Managed IT Services in Hyderabad

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Days are gone where a company needs one IT Engineer who can handle their Network devices, Microsoft & Linux Servers at a basic level, to a more advanced level if the company is large enough to hire more talent.

Welcome to more powerful IT!!

Managed IT Solutions By Cloud Armor
Managed IT Solutions

The current Information Technology contains at least 2 service providers where they need services from For example: Microsoft or Google for the email service, Cisco / Aruba / or any other Vendor for any network devices, Microsoft / Linux servers in office and Finally, Dynamic Virtual Machines in Azure / AWS / GCP.

So, on an average any Small business requires at least 2 to 3 different domain engineers to support their IT infra, which is a pain for the small businesses.

Here is the Solution!!

Instead of hiring individual engineers, hiring a Managed IT Services provider, provides all the services with single point of contact. Following are benefits of having a Managed IT Services partner rather inhouse employees:

  1. Service Level Agreement to Fix your issues

  2. Single point of contact for any issue literally!!

  3. Individual Domain expertise for each technology.

  4. High Return on Investment; Pay for what services you use. Much better than a firing an employee any time if you don't need any more.

  5. Faster response - No Leaves / Sudden surprises.

Cloud Armor IT Provides IT Managed Services in Hyderabad and across India with its dedicated Helpdesk team at Hyderabad. Continuous monitoring of your resources in Office and on Cloud, Generate alerts as and when needed, Perform necessary changes as per the change control window.

For any queries send your inquiry to info@cloudarmor.in

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