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WMBackup for Office 365


WMBackup for Office 365 provides comprehensive and automated data backup, ensuring the security and integrity of your Microsoft Office 365 environment by safeguarding emails, files, and other critical data against accidental deletion, corruption, or loss.

WM Backup for Microsoft 365 is specifically crafted for cloud-to-cloud backup of Office 365 accounts. This comprehensive solution covers Outlook mailboxes, calendars, and contacts, while also ensuring the safeguarding of OneDrive data.

On the other hand, CloudArmor's O365 backup solution seamlessly integrates with Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure for efficient backup storage. What sets it apart is its flexibility in restoration options, enabling users to restore data either to the original account or to a new Google account as needed.


Main Features

Backup Office 365 Email:

To safeguard complete Outlook accounts, encompassing mailboxes, shared mailboxes, calendars, and contacts, it is essential to perform a comprehensive backup. This entails capturing all relevant data to ensure a thorough representation of the entire account. Subsequently, for restoration purposes, the backed-up data can be utilized to recreate the Outlook environment, reinstating emails, shared mailbox content, calendar entries, and contact information to their original state.

Backup OneDrive:

Back up and restore everything stored in OneDrive or select specific files and folders.

Backup Office 365 SharePoint:


Fully integrated with Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure for backup storage and allows restoring to the original or new account when required.


With WMBackup, you can check the consistency of your backups to ensure proper recovery at any point in time.

Back up and restore Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint data.

Retention Policies:

Specify the number of copies of each item you want to keep in the cloud.

Data Encryption:


Data is protected at rest with 256-bit AES encryption and while in transit using SSL encryption.

Item-Level Recovery:

Search and recover individual files, folders or emails.

Backups move directly to your own cloud storage, fully-encrypted at the source, in transit, and in your target storage.

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