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Maintenance Services

You can’t afford to run the risk of system failures that impact productivity and cost the company money.


Maintenance Services

In the contemporary business landscape, where reliance on technology is paramount, businesses simply cannot afford downtime. Recognizing this imperative, CloudArmor specializes in the meticulous management and upkeep of desktops, network infrastructure, and servers, tasks that have evolved into critical business functions beyond the capacity of internal resources.

The potential risks associated with system failures are too high, impacting productivity and incurring significant financial costs. Adopting a proactive stance, we aim to preemptively identify and address issues, effectively reducing the volume of helpdesk calls. Our approach combines the expertise of accredited engineers with cutting-edge management tools, providing your business with routine health checks to nip potential problems in the bud before they escalate into major disruptions.

At CloudArmor, we understand that the effectiveness of an organization's mission-critical applications and hardware is contingent on their availability. Therefore, we customize maintenance and support services to align with each client's unique needs. Whether your operations span multiple sites or are heavily dependent on remote work setups, our team of experts will craft tailored support and maintenance plans to ensure the seamless functioning of your business.

Maintenance Services

In today’s volatile business world, organizations face significant challenges in managing their IT infrastructure. To meet these challenges, WinMethods offers solutions to manage the IT Infrastructure. With the efficient and Cost Effective Infra Support solutions of WinMethods, the Organization’s management can concentrate on their core business by leaving the IT problems to us. The solutions include lifecycle services in datacentre management, desktop and server management, database administration, application management, backup and storage management and web operations. We offer Infra Maintenance services on Service Level Agreement (SLA) Model and Time based support model.

  • Our Infra Support Solutions Include:

  • Comprehensive contracts for Desktops, Laptops, Servers and Storage

  • AMC for Printers, Scanners and other Peripherals

  • Desktop AMC bundled with OS, Antivirus and other Applications

  • Networking components including Switches, Routers, Modems and Firewalls




Tired of hiring manpower with required skillsets and manpower turnover is hindering business continuity?
We, WinMethods can handle your facility without any issues. Under FMS contracts, our onsite engineers will handle the day-to-day IT issues of your organization. By maintaining a pool of trained personnel, we can immediately replace the engineers in case of any eventuality. The experts in the office provide backup and technical support to the major issues which are complex and cannot be handled by the onsite engineers. With the efficient and Cost Effective FMS solutions of WinMethods, the Organization’s management can concentrate on their core business by leaving the IT problems to us.
Our FMS Solutions Include:

  • Onsite L1 – IT Personnel

  • Day to Day support for Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Scanners and other Peripherals

  • Managing OS, Antivirus and other Applications

  • Networking components including Switches, Routers and Modems

  • Remote L2 & L3 Support

  • Break & Fix support for Servers, Storage, Firewalls etc


We manage all types of services delivered, taking responsibility for IT services and administering the delivery of those services in their entirety whilst offering our clients support based on a defined Service Level Agreement (SLA). We aim to do this through automation, centralized delivery and customer centricity.

  • Our Managed Service Portfolio includes remote management of your IT infrastructure and end-user systems on a proactive basis.

  • Service Desk Functionalities – When your user gets an IT issue then they can phone us straight away to solve their issue and get back to normal. With our Service Desk services users can

  • access support as quick as they can in an efficient and effective manner.

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