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Migration to Azure

Embark on your journey to the Azure Cloud with our expertly crafted strategy and flawless execution of tailor-made, robust Azure Migration Solutions.
With our Azure Migration Services at your side, you can seamlessly migrate to Azure, empowering your business to thrive in the ever-evolving business arena.  


Transform your Business to Cloud

In the era of cloud computing, organizations across the globe are actively formulating and implementing comprehensive cloud strategies tailored to their unique business requirements. Whether opting for a Public Cloud, Private Cloud, or a Hybrid Cloud model, virtually every enterprise is engaged in the transformative journey of migrating diverse workloads to cloud platforms. This migration spans a spectrum of functions, ranging from test environments and email systems to crucial components such as backup solutions, domain controllers, and mission-critical applications like Human Resources (HR), Document Management Systems (DMS), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. This pervasive shift toward cloud adoption reflects a strategic response to the evolving landscape of digital business, emphasizing flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in managing IT infrastructure.


Facilitating your transition to the Cloud is our expertise, offering comprehensive solutions and services to streamline your entire journey.


Considering the prospect of transitioning your current operations to the cloud? Cloudarmor emerges as the ideal partner for this endeavor. With a formidable combination of alliances, hands-on experience, and specialized expertise, Cloudarmor stands out as the top choice for implementing robust cloud solutions. Our track record includes successful planning and migration of mission-critical workloads to cloud environments.

Whether it's moving workloads from Bare Metal to Azure, VMWare to Azure, or Hyper-V to the Azure Platform, our team executes these transitions with unparalleled precision and efficiency. We offer comprehensive consultancy services and strategic planning to seamlessly integrate cloud solutions without causing disruptions to your existing setup.

As a testament to our proficiency, WinMethods has attained Microsoft's coveted "Gold Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions," "Gold Cloud Productivity," and "Gold Cloud Platform" competencies. Guided by a team led by a Microsoft Certified Cloud Solution Expert, we assure you a seamless and efficient migration of your existing workloads to Azure, maintaining the utmost precision throughout the process.

Features Steps to Migrate your Data

We follow Four Steps to migrate your data and infrastructure to Azure using our proven                                                                                            cloud migration process.



To start any migration, we will compile an inventory of the physical and virtual servers in your environment. With our cloud migration assessment tools, you’ll have a complete inventory of servers with metadata for each—including profile information and performance metrics.

Using this information, we map your servers to represent your on-premises applications. This will help identify dependencies or communication between servers so that we can include all necessary application components in your cloud migration plan—helping reduce risks and ensure a smooth migration



With your application groups mapped during the Assessment process, we evaluate the best strategy to move each on-premises application.

We follow either one or more of the four migration strategies rehost, refactor, rearchitect, and rebuild for migration to the Azure cloud platform. Our migration experts execute the migration plan with the right mix of tools and make the migration hassle-free.



Once the migration process is completed, we right-size the migrated virtual machines to your workloads for improved value. By using different management techniques, our team will trim your cloud resources to provide you the optimum value of your cloud investment.



We manage your cloud resources on Azure by using different monitoring tools to track the health and performance of your cloud apps, infrastructure, and data. We implement industry leading security methodologies to protect your applications and data from various online threats.

Migration to Azure

Cloud Armor team of Azure cloud consulting experts can offer you effective cloud migration support in line with your business goals and planned expenditure.

Cloud Armor Technologies is a market leader in building, deploying, and managing technologies, applications, and services on the cloud.


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